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As a filmmaker, my work explores the relationship between physical environment and the social experience of cities and communities. This work includes video installations, documentaries, and experimental films. 

Commissioned video installations have included an exploration of informal settlements that premiered at the United Nations; a deep dive into conditions of urban, suburban, and rural poverty in Ohio; and a suite of sixteen videos about large cities around the world for the Venice Architecture Biennale. 

The videos I’ve made for Urban Omnibus range from a sketch of workmen installing fiber-optic cables beneath our streets to short documentaries exploring housing regulations, the Verrazzano Bridge, and a nature walk along an industrial waterway. The one that I am most proud of, entitled Archipelago, chronicles a day in the life of five neighborhoods in New York, which I produced for the Architectural League exhibition The City We Imagined / The City We Made.

Self-initiated film and video projects include an upcoming documentary to be shot in Asmara, Eritrea, an ongoing archive of border imagery shot along the Utah-Nevada state line, a portrait of race relations and cultural identity in Fiji, and an experimental film shot in the Walled City of Lahore, Pakistan.

︎ Initial Return (2001); producer, director, cinematographer, editor
︎ Kai: Home and Belonging in Post-coup Fiji (2001 - 03); producer, director, videographer, editor
︎ In Search of the Bene Israel (2004); additional camera, additional editor
︎ Cities: Architecture and Society (2006); film / video project manager
︎ Urbanopolis (2007-8); videographer
︎ Access to the Street (2007); producer, director, videographer, editor
︎ Arterial (2007 - 2016); video artist
︎ Archipelago (2010); producer, director, editor
︎ Informal Urbanisms (2011-2012); video artist
︎ Leveraging Investments in Creativity (2013); producer, director

︎ The Quito Papers (2016); director, editor
︎ Cross Section of Equity (2016);  video artist

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