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The Quito Papers: Towards an Open City is a documentary that I produced and directed with Dom Bagnato, with the collaboration of filmmakers in Beijing, Karachi, Lagos, London, Mexico City, New York, Quito, São Paulo, and more. The film complements a new manifesto for citymaking developed by Theatrum Mundi and UN-Habitat, rooted in the ideas of Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen, Ricky Burdett, and Dr Joan Clos. A global series related public presentations screened the film in Paris, London, Beijing, New York, and beyond.

The film premiered in Beijing at the Kaifeng Foundation’s Genesis Building before travelling to Paris, London, São Paulo, and beyond. I made the posters (left) for the premiere event. 

Index: Video, Commissioned Work, Urbanism, New York City, Lagos, Karachi, Sao Paulo, London, BeijingResearch

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