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The Architectural League’s exhibition, New New York 2001-2010: The City We Imagined / The City We Made, offered audiences a rare opportunity to take stock of the range of design and planning activity that has reshaped New York City over the past ten years. It did so through a chronological display of the past decade’s major projects and proposals, an installation of one thousand photographs of New York today, video interviews with leading New Yorkers, and Archipelago, an original video production that explores a day in the life of five New York neighborhoods: Hunts Point, Jamaica, Mariner’s Harbor, Downtown Brooklyn, and Chelsea. While the image of the city –- and the perception of change — often references the urban scale of the skyline, the experience of the city emerges from daily interactions with the built environment at the scale of the neighborhood.

Director / Producer / Editor: Cassim Shepard
Cinematographer: Andreas Burgess

The City We Imagined / The City We Made
Curator: Gregory Wessner
Exhibition Design: Moorhead and Moorhead

October 2010

Index: Exhibition, Video, New York

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