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How can cities learn from each other’s successes and challenges?

This project reimagines the urban development case study as an exercise in strategic storytelling about place. 

Too often, asymmetrical data, distinct histories, and divergent governance conditions make comparative learning difficult, if not impossible. When a social scientific approach that holds variables constant in order to measure success proves elusive, then a narrative approach that contextualizes each story of urban transformation on its own terms might prove to be an inspiring way to share knowledge across diverse territories and jurisdictions. The narrative case studies S/Q Projects is developing for the IDB will combine elements of the traditional economic case study, the magazine article, and the short video or photo documentary with key facts and figures and interviews with decisionmakers and stakeholders. Additionally, S/Q Projects is designing and leading a webinar training series on multimedia strategic storytelling in the service of urban development projects

January 2020

Index: Client Work, Writing

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